Relays play an important role in the mev-commit ecosystem to uphold validator commitments. Validators are passively opting in to the network, and configuring their mev-boost relays to the ones that have opted in to mev-commit.

Opting into mev-commit as a relay means that you sign up to deliver mev-boost bids only from builder addresses that have registered with mev-commit. This is necessary as it acts as a sybil resistance mechanism, disallowing block builders to make commitments but build a block under a different builder key that mev-commit would not be able to penalize.

Relays need to look out for mev-commit opted-in validator addresses to watch for proposers, and filter block builder bids to addresses that are registered with mev-commit when it’s that proposer’s turn. See Querying for Proposers to see how you can check whether an upcoming proposer is opted in to mev-commit or not.

Once you’ve configured your relay to deliver blocks with mev-commit commitments, create a PR to this docs repo to add your relay to the supporting relays list. This will let validators know that they can add your relay as they opt-in to mev-commit. You should also let the Primev team know so we can further engage with validators to make sure they use your relay as well.