Ready to get your node up and running? This streamlined process will guide you through launching either a bidder or provider node on the mev-commit network.


📥 Download

Start by downloading the latest setup script from our repository.

❯_ terminal
curl -o launchmevcommit \

🛠️ Permission

Ensure the script is executable with the following command:

❯_ terminal
chmod +x launchmevcommit

🚀 Launch

Execute the script to initiate your node, selecting either a bidder or provider configuration based on your role in the network.

./launchmevcommit --node-type bidder

You need to make sure that the peer-to-peer port 13522 on your local machine is accessible through a public IP address. This setup enables the provider node to initiate incoming connections to your node.

If you want to perform a manual setup with detailed steps please skip to manual start mev-commit section.