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builder-boost Quickstart Guide

Run builder-boost in less than 5 minutes

Block builders: Run builder-boost



  1. $ git clone [email protected]:primevprotocol/builder-boost.git
  2. $ cd builder-boost
  3. $ make all
  4. $ ./boost --rollupkey <your-private-key> --buildertoken <secret-password>

The <your-private-key> is the key associated with your payments account in the primev protocol. It should contain some Sepolia Eth to allow transactions to be sent.

The <secret-password> is the secret value sent in the X-Builder-Token header from Builder and is used to authenticate your personal Block Builder Nodes.

  • Head to Update Builder Method - On the top left corner of the Write Contract section press Connect to Web3

  • Fill in updateBuilder method with the values of the following 2 fields specified: <_minimalStake> and <_minimalSubscriptionPeriod>. Press the Write button and sign the transaction using your Web3 provider. Once the transaction is confirmed, searchers can start authorizing connections to your builder.

    • _minimalStake: minimal amount for searcher to deposit to this builder in order to start receiving builder hints
    • _minimalSubscriptionPeriod: minimal subscription period given to searcher for depositing minimal stake. In case searcher deposits more than minimal stake, subscription period will be extended linearly.

💡 We recommend setting the _minimalSubscriptionPeriod