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Latency breakdown for builder-boost

We recorded the latency builder-boost introduces across a variety of situations. There are 3 keys attributes that impact latency:

  1. Wire Latency (~10-20ms)
  2. Core Processing Latency (~10ms)
  3. Optional- Inclusion List (~5-10ms)

Our initial test results for e2e latency for a standard builder-boost instance with transaction inclusion list inactive are as follows:

Latency Bucket Blocks Per Bucket Percentile
<20ms 18300 66%
<30ms 25473 93%
<50ms 27035 99%
<100ms 27325 99.8%
Total Recorded Blocks: 27368

With the transaction inclusion list added, we see a slight increase in latency as follows. Note transaction inclusion list is an optional and experimental feature.

Latency Bucket Blocks Per Bucket Percentile
<20ms 231 17%
<30ms 758 58%
<50ms 1251 96%
<100ms 1289 99%
Total Recorded Blocks: 1300

Note: all tests were conducted with users in the same region as providers. As geographically distributed providers join the network, we suggest users deploy a geodistributed set of consumers to minimize wire latency impact.