1. Overview
  2. Using Primev Builder Test Endpoint


Using Primev Builder Test Endpoint

Searchers can use test Primev Builder endpoint to access payloads. Endpoint is located under https://boost.primev.xyz/builder

Running a Test Searcher instance using test binary:

  1. Clone https://github.com/primevprotocol/builder-boost repo and change working directory to it

  2. Run make build to build searcher binary

  3. Run searcher instance replacing a1b2c3 with your searcher private key:

            ./searcher --searcherkey a1b2c3 --boosturl https://boost.primev.xyz

    If running first time it could show error lost connection, retrying in 5 seconds which might mean you need to make deposit to Primev Boost account. When starting searcher instance, there is generated commitment for builder log with commitment field, use it to make deposit.

Running a Test Searcher instance using cli commands:

  1. Get builder address from builder boost endpoint:

    curl https://boost.primev.xyz/builder

  2. Generate authentication token for builder using geth console

    eth.sign(eth.accounts[0], web3.sha3("0xfE9596C9798571CE953CAd4B8bfDf7586BdD88A9"))

  3. Get commitment hash using authentication token

    curl -H "X-Primev-Signature: address:token" https://boost.primev.xyz/commitment

    Replace address with your searcher address and token with auth token received on step 2

Depositing to Primev Boost account:

  1. Open Primev smart contract in Write Contract tab
  2. Connect your Web3 wallet, e.g. Metamask
  3. Open deposit method
  4. Set Deposit Amount to any number higher than 100 wei, Builder Address to 0xfE9596C9798571CE953CAd4B8bfDf7586BdD88A9 and Commitment to hash received while running searcher instance.
  5. Press Write button to send transaction which deposits on behalf of searcher account
  6. Now you when running searcher binary with appropriate private key you should receive builder hints from Primev Builder Endpoint