mev-commit Testnet

Live on Holesky Testnet, mev-commit allows bidders and providers to engage in execution service bids and commitments. Preconfirmations, the first use case for real time bids and commitments, are available to be tested on the mev-commit testnet.

Testnet RPC
Bootnode endpoint
Block explorer

Contract Addresses



Primev will maintain a testnet consisting of the mev-commit chain, oracle service, and bridge to Holesky.

Differences Between the Testnet and Mainnet Environments

Testnet bridging ether to/from Holesky, whereas mainnet mev-commit chain will bridge using mainnet ether. Commitments are also written to the settlement chain in plaintext, whereas mainnnet will include private commitments.

Limitations of the Testnet

Bids aren’t encrypted on the testnet yet, meaning all exchanges are publicly visible. There is also no differentiator between a timely or a late commitment as of now. Both of these will change with our upcoming testnet milestone.

How can users provide feedback or report issues encountered on the testnet?

Users can open an issue on the GitHub repository that is associated with any issue they encounter. They can also tag @primev_xyz on Twitter, or reach out to us to join a Telegram group for early power users.

Testnet System Requirements

Please refer to the System Requirements section here.