To Check Your Deposit Allowance:

> curl localhost:13523/v1/bidder/get_allowance | jq
  "amount": "0"

Funding Your Node Account: First, retrieve the Ethereum account address of your node:

> curl localhost:13523/topology | jq
  "self": {
    "Addresses": [
    "Ethereum Address": "0xB9286CB4782E43A202BfD426AbB72c8cb34f886c",
    "Peer Type": "bidder",
    "Underlay": "16Uiu2HAmDWZb4DxZQkS9yseXNukBFe6MhZdimSKuZcHFeJrF3jC9"
  "connected_peers": {
    "providers": [
  "blocked_peers": null

To add funds to your account on the mev-commit chain, you may use the testnet faucet.

  • Checking Minimum Deposit Allowance:

Providers will only accept bids from bidders with funds exceeding the minimum allowance. The amount is in wei. To check this amount:

> curl localhost:13523/v1/bidder/get_min_allowance | jq
  "amount": "1000000000000000000"
  • Adding to Your Deposit Allowance:

To increase your deposit allowance, use the following command, specifying the desired amount:

> curl -X POST localhost/v1/bidder/prepay/YOUR_AMOUNT | jq

After successfully adding to your allowance, you are ready to send bids and receive preconfirmations on the network.

Outcome of Preconfirmed Bids:

When a bid is preconfirmed by a provider, there are several possible outcomes:

Outcome MatrixProvider Wins Slot AuctionProvider Loses Slot Auction
Transaction in blockReward ProviderRefund Bid to Bidder
Transaction not in blockSlash Provider & Refund Bid To BidderRefund Bid to Bidder