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User Quickstart

Start consuming execution data

  1. Construct the Authentication Token

    The Authentication Token is similar to Flashbots Authentication Token but with a fixed payload of the builder address.

    The Authentication is passed in as a header: X-Primev-Signature. Instead of signing an arbitrary payload, the signature is made for your target builder address, your user address is passed as the prefix: <User Address>:<Signature(Builder Address)>

    Here is a go snippet to construct the token for Primev:

            msg := <Insert-Your-Builder-Address-Here> // Users can retrieve this from the builder info 
    hash := crypto.Keccak256Hash([]byte(msg)).Hex()
    signature, err := crypto.Sign(accounts.TextHash(hash), userPrivateKey) // We use an EIP 
    token := crypto.PubkeyToAddress(userPrivateKey.PublicKey).Hex() + ":" + hexutil.Encode(sig)
  2. Receive a Special Commitment

    Use this token to Receive a special commitment from our Builder.

    Make a GET request with X-Primev-Signature: <token> to the /authorization endpoint. You should receive back a payload as follows:

    "commitment": "0xabc"
  3. Open Primev Contract in Etherscan

    Go to the Deposit Method on Etherscan. This method allows you to deposit some ETH for a specific builder on behalf of the user wallet.

  4. Connect Web3 Wallet

    To protect your privacy, we recommend you connect with a different wallet from the user wallet you will use to consume data

    At the top left corner of the 'Write Contract' section, click on 'Connect to Web3' to connect your wallet. The connected address can be any address, and should not be an address you send transactions to a provider with to preserve privacy. Make sure you have some Sepolia ETH to cover transaction costs.

  5. Specify Deposit Parameters and Send Transaction

    After the transaction is confirmed, the user will be able to receive builder hints.

    In the deposit method, you need to fill in 3 fields: payableAmount, _builder, and _commitment. Fill the fields and click on the 'Write' button. Confirm the transaction using your Web3 provider.

    payableAmount: the amount you want to deposit for the builder you're registering with (min 0.1 ETH) _builder: the builder address you want to authorize a connection for _commitment: the commitment hash obtained on step 2

    Registration flow on contract
  6. Connect to the Builder via WebSockets

    Connect to the Builder via WebSockets.

    Make a GET Request X-Primev-Signature: <token> to the /ws endpoint. Congrats, you should be connected and receiving inclusion receipts!