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Software & Hardware Pre-Requisites

Overview of software and hardware requirements needed to participate in the Primev Network.

Builder Network Configuration

These are some standard recommendations around Port configurations:

Builder/Execution Client:

  • Outbound Traffic: Keep outbound traffic to the Boost Port (Standard is 1556)

Builder Boost:

  • Inbound Traffic: Keep all outbound traffic open to Boost Port (Standard is 1556)

Hardware Requirements to Run builder-boost

Memory: As of June 2023, we recommend at least 4 GB.

Disk Space: 16-32 GB - Disk Space is not a significant bottleneck, as boost persists very

Bandwidth: A stable network connection is very important between your Execution Client and builder-boost.

Processor: Minimum 4 Core CPU is recommended.

Software Requirements

  • Go Version 1.20+
  • git